Depending on your preferred payment method, you will be redirected to the respective checkout page.

Direct Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer

After you place the order, you need to transfer the sum to us.

Your order status will be updated manually by us and you will get your ticket once the sum has been cleared in our bank account.

Transaction fee: free of charge

IMPORTANT: If you are choosing this payment method please provide the following at the checkout in the “Additional information” field:

  2. Consent for creation, use and dissemination of photos and videos: [YES/NO]
  3. EYE Privacy Policy Consent: [YES/NO]
Example of Additional information for Wire Transfer

Note: The discount for the group tickets will apply for your items in the basket only if you choose either:

5 x Standard EYE Member Tickets or

5 x Standard non-EYE Member Ticket

Click on “Update basket” button to apply the discount.

Card Payment

Your order clears in our account automatically and you get your ticket straight away.

Transaction fee: approx. 2% + €0.25 according to the service provider

Something went wrong?

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