52nd EYE Conference
Limerick, 16-19 May

Over the years, our conferences have brought together members, experts, and leaders from various industries and fields to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences. This year’s conference will be no exception, and it will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to celebrate our organization’s history, reflect on our accomplishments, and plan for the future.

We encourage everyone to join us in celebrating our 52nd conference and be part of this exciting and meaningful event. Whether you are a long-time member or a first-time attendee, this conference is an opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired. Don’t miss this chance to be part of our organization’s history and shape its future.

TUS (Technical University of the Shannon)

TUS (website) is a multi-campus university spread across six campuses throughout Ireland’s Midwest and Midlands region. With principal campuses at Limerick and Athlone, we benefit from an already strong and vibrant history of education and learning in the wider region, and will continue to play our part in sustaining and enhancing this identity for generations to come.

By providing a healthy supply of high-quality graduates and an additional focal point for growth and innovation, we can help regional development take a big step forward. And for our nation, a technological university in the heart of Ireland adds a new dimension to education in our country, demonstrating a commitment to shared values like inclusivity, accessibility, and supportiveness.

FMCI (Future Mobility Campus Ireland)

FMCI is the first complete development centre and full-scale testbed in Ireland, based in the Shannon Free Zone. The facility focuses on comprehensive mobility technologies that span both ground (autonomous driving, micro-mobility, smart cities, V2X communications) and air (unmanned drones, eVTOL, AAM, UTM) use cases. The facility supports a range of parties, from individual researchers to multi-national corporations, to start-ups and Government entities, to conceive, develop, trial, and deploy societally-transformative transport solutions in Shannon and beyond. Visit their website to learn more about the organisation.

JLR (Jaguar Land Rover)

We are the proud creators. The curious minds. Inspired to create unique vehicles, to realise our vision of modern luxury. We work as one. Shaping the future. Motivated by a love for our customer. United by a deep admiration for each other. Our sense of integrity and our spirit of excellent empowers us. Our ambition to grow. Our passion to chart new landscapes of innovation, encourages us to dream. It’s what drives us. To be visionaries. To be creators. This is Jaguar Land Rover.

RUN-EU (Regional University Network)

RUN-EU is an alliance of seven like-minded higher education institutions drawn from all regions of Europe. We were established in 2020 under the European Universities Initiative.

Together, we’re creating a regional development-oriented European University that embodies the values of sustainability, multiculturalism, and inclusiveness in all its work.

ESB (Electricity Supply Board)

ESB has been Ireland’s foremost energy company since it was established in 1927, driven by an unwavering commitment to power society forward and deliver a net-zero future for Irish customers and the communities they serve. Have a look at their website for more information.

Limerick City & County Council

Limerick sits in an enviable position, boasting some of the best connections across Ireland and beyond to Europe, the USA and the rest of the world. But this geographical position amounts to more than a mere grid reference on a map. Limerick looks out across the Atlantic, the Americas just five hours away. And is also an integral part of Europe, with its millennia of rich history. This dual aspect has informed the character of the place. A rich combination of the verve that built America and the openness, experience and cultural appeal of Europe. Our brand both strategically locates Limerick in the world and brings to life the attitude that sets it apart.

Atlantic Aviation Group

As an independent MRO, at Atlantic Aviation Group, YOU are our main focus and priority. We are shaping our services around the needs of our customers to bring you a range of aviation solutions, including aircraft maintenance, technical services, design services and custom training solutions. More information here.


More information will be announced soon!

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